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Our Team

We bring together complementary skills and a wide range of experience

Our Director, Peter Allan

Peter Allan has been consulting with SRU and with Hyder Consulting and the former Nolan-ITU for over 20 years, working on local, State and National waste minimisation programs with a strong focus on all forms of consumer packaging.

Peter has extensive experience in providing state governments with key data and strategic advice on maximising efficiency in recycling systems. Peter has studied a wide body of work globally on the potential for achieving gains in waste generation and material intensity and the links between packaging and product waste. This includes the sustainability of different consumer products and packaging.

Peter’s recent relevant experience in strategic waste management planning includes policy development; recycling surveys, management of resource use and recycling programs; government and industry liaison; and development of national packaging covenant action plans. He is regularly called on by APCO, Sustainability Victoria, Infrastructure Victoria and the Federal Government.

In addition, Peter’s work has given him an excellent understanding of product sales, consumption, use and disposal and recycling markets, where he has coordinated significant projects across a range of jurisdictions, focusing both on domestic and commercial recycling. This includes the production of strategies for geographic jurisdictions and for specific materials types including – all forms of packaging, electrical and electronic wastes, plastics, newspapers, steel, glass, building waste and kerbside recycling services.

Peter has managed several retail and product-based projects and has done a broad range of project work in packaging management and with plastics and other packaging media. His role in quantifying and mapping recycling activity across Australia has given him good contacts and knowledge of consumer packaging consumption, recycling collection, sorting and reprocessing sites. He is acknowledged as an authority on plastics and glass packaging.

Co-owner and consultant, Jill Allan

A founding owner of SRU, Jill started working part-time in the office from 2016 after many years as a children's librarian in public libraries. Jill has qualifications in teaching, librarianship and professional writing and editing. She provides research, administration and report editing for SRU as well as running the company's not-for-profit initiative Storycycle. 

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