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Our Capabilities


Storycycle combines early literacy and sustainability goals through the recovery of children’s books for reuse, improving the flow of literacy resources into disadvantaged communities. Storycycle distributes free, good quality used children’s books to community organisations for use in their programs and to give to families, increasing the number of books in the home. The program also offers one-off book stalls, free story times, booklists and advice on story-sharing with children. Storytimes are tailored to the group and can be general in nature or focus on specific topics such as caring for the Earth and recycling.

​Storycycle's partners include playgroups, childcare, schools, charities, local government, neighbourhood houses, refuges and health centres. We work primarily in Melbourne but also supply partners in other parts of Australia and abroad. To date we have given away over 13,000 books.

We work in the broad area of resource sustainability, focusing on materials and products.

Sustainable resource management

There is enormous potential to increase resource efficiency, with both environmental and economic benefits. Through waste avoidance, recycling, better product design and managing end of life outcomes, SRU can help deliver significant and measurable sustainability outcomes.

Environmental data collection and analysis

The saying ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’ is a simple and powerful truth. We are often the team that organisations turn to for the data on which to develop their strategic direction. Our speciality areas of data development are:

Recycling and waste activity

Consumption and use of products

End of life outcomes

Carbon impact of materials

We have a great deal of experience in primary quantitative and qualitative data collection, and regularly undertake extensive stakeholder consultation and broader research to develop the information evidence base that is needed to underpin a wide range of policy outcome driven, strategic and investigative projects more generally.

Beyond data collection, the next key steps are robust and insightful data analysis, interpretation and synthesis of findings. Our Director, Peter Allan, has over 25 years of experience in the environment space. Our capability to back up high quality data collection with the development of practical, actionable and well-informed findings, is an area in particular where we bring value to projects.

SRU regularly partners with a range of other smaller scale consultancies to ensure we offer the combined expertise and capacity for major projects. The following are some of our valued partners:

  • Envisage Works

  • Helen Lewis

  • RPS

  • Anne Prince Consulting

  • Nolan Consulting

  • Industry Edge

  • Reground

  • Rethink Sustainability

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8 Meaker Avenue, Brunswick West VIC 3055

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