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Welcome to SRU. 
We are a specialist environmental consultancy contributing to a more sustainable world.

Our work reduces the impact of material consumption, and leads to improved resource use efficiency and greater resource recovery.

Our Mission

In an environment where material consumption (and the flow of resources to support it) is rising, we work to maximise the use and reuse of those materials and minimise environmental impacts.
A consistent feature of our work is identifying, measuring and describing the available options for reducing the environmental impacts of consumption. These options may range from changes to systems or products, right through to behaviour change by consumers.

Our Areas
of Interest

Environmental policy and strategy development for lower resource use, greater resource recovery and improved greenhouse gas outcomes

Mapping resource flows, with associated data collection and research

Environmental impact of policy and investment decisions

Advice on issues and strategies relating to all aspects of the resource use hierarchy

Product stewardship guidance and advice

Adopting a more circular economy

Our Approach

SRU is a small but nimble outfit with strong capabilities in our core areas of expertise. We have also developed wide collaborative networks with partners in other disciplines, and often work with these partners to structure multi-disciplinary teams to meet the specific requirements of a project. We are known for our ability to identify areas that need change and to formulate creative and effective solutions

Get in touch

+61 (0) 478 221 332
8 Meaker Avenue, Brunswick West VIC 3055

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